Medical Records Summarization

Medical record organization and summarization services are indispensible services for those who are associated with insurance claim settlements and litigation related to Workmen compensations arising out of injuries/diseases and ailments or all such conditions claimed to be due to job-related activities.

Medical malpractice cases accused with medical negligence or deviating from the set standards of medical care while delivering medical services to the patients.

Summarization is done by duly trained resources who understand the legal aspects and significance, end use of summary reports by the clients. This facet helps the client get the medical summaries in an argument /deposition pro manner. All such medical facts are seen from records to ensure success of the clients.


  • Provides the most in-depth view of the plaint’s medical records
  • Perfect way to extract a lot of information for review
  • Details especially useful in medical malpractice
  • Toxic tort
  • Personal injury cases
  • Deep analysis of the medical records required


Provides a concise description of the information contained in the medical records, allowing to quickly taking in the most relevant information. A brief synopsis of the most pertinent information.


Provides an overview of the medical records with a few words describing what they pertain to, as well as the dates of service.


We provide clear and concise summaries of depositions, summarization work is reviewed by attorneys and each deposition summary passes through several quality audits to ensure accuracy and quality. We can customize the formats of the deposition summaries to meet the needs our customer. We provide expert deposition summarization services to law firms, solo lawyers and corporate counsels.

Our Deposition summaries include:

  • Chronological summary
  • Subject matter summary
  • Topic index and Narrative summary


Our Indexing services help our customers to create Indexes for their medical documents, legal documents and documents that run in to several hundred pages. We create precise indexes using words from the documents, making them easier to refer. If required we provide indexed documents with bookmarks for easy navigation.