Record Retrieval Services

We know that Record Retrievals can be a major time consuming task and know that it is of utmost importance for our clients to receive their records in a timely manner.  ALT TAB Healthcare’s team of document retrieval specialists are experts in quick, HIPAA-compliant record retrieval process. We help clients nationwide retrieve the medical documents.


We know that Attending Physician Statement (APS) retrievals can be a major time consuming task and know it is of utmost importance for our clients to receive their Attending Physician Statements in a timely manner, so we are committed to providing the fastest, most efficient service possible.

ALT TAB Healthcare’s team of document retrieval specialists are experts in quick, HIPAA-compliant APS record retrieval. We help clients including law firms nationwide get the medical documents they need, when they need them.

APS retrieval experts help you:

  • Reduce the time and expense of retrieving medical or billing records
  • Ensure confidentiality and HIPAA compliance
  • Underwrite insurance policies sooner

Whether you are overwhelmed with cases, need to retrieve medical records from difficult medical facilities and looking for a trustworthy party to manage your document retrievals, ALT TAB Healthcare Solutions Record Retrieval can help you accelerate your underwriting process and settle claims more quickly.

We are very proactive in completing APSs. In addition to following up frequently, we are very assertive and persuasive in getting facilities to expedite our requests. We urge them to provide records as quickly as possible; emphasizing the medical chart is an essential part of their patient’s insurance application.


Underwriting departments are understaffed and backlogged with more trial applications and higher case volumes than ever before. As a result, high-value underwriting resources are being asked to perform administratively driven functions such as dissecting and summarizing a raw APS. An insurer is better off outsourcing the task of sorting and summarizing an APS as a final step of the retrieval process.

An expertly prepared APS Summary is a very effective productivity tool because it puts a concise and well organized medical overview into the hands of an underwriter to speed up the time it takes to evaluate the insurability of every application (saving time and money).

We summarize in different formats:

  • Doctor wise
  • Condition wise
  • Date wise


Medical Claims adjudication needs efficient processes to avoid unwanted claims, duplicated claims, delayed execution that eventually hinders your profits. You can streamline your healthcare claims adjudication by choosing to work with ALT TAB Healthcare. We are experts in providing claims adjudication services in the Healthcare Insurance Industry. The entire process of receiving medical claims, verifying them and settling the claims, forms a major chunk of insurance processing task. Instead of running non – core processes within your organization, you can leverage our expert claims services with our dedicated & competent team of claims adjudicators and claims analysts.