Medico-Legal Consultants

Medico – Legal Consultants usually have a number of medical records to deal with, which can be devastating at times and their jobs includes preparing medical chronologies or timeline of events to help the attorneys understand better about the issue. Our process provides a streamlined view of the medical chart, highlighting important information and even the facts that may have gone unnoticed. Any medical legal consultants can depend on us as our infrastructure comprises with high end technology and experienced medical professionals.

We work closely with attorneys and other medical experts to provide the best case support, expertise and analysis that medico – legal consulting has to offer.

Staffed by experienced Case Managers, and Medicare-set aside specialists, we offer knowledge, experience, resources, and proven credentials to increase your efficiency and improve case outcomes.

Serving plaintiff and defence attorneys, insurance companies, and healthcare providers, our team can sort through complex and often confusing medical issues. Combining medical knowledge and experience with legal training, we bridge the gap between both the disciplines.