Medical Records Services

Our factual and Accurate narrative summaries provide a clear, concise review of the entire sequences of events, and are completed by our experienced physicians who understand the complex medical issues. Medical Record Summaries can be utilized along with chronologies for no additional cost or as a stand-alone product.


Uploaded documents are indexed, paginated, and date stamped. Records are organized by facility, provider, date, and document types, or customized data fields.


Our review professionals evaluate, analyze, list and summarize all medical records into chronological format; and prepare a detailed timeline of all medical encounters. The chronologies we develop contain details such as date of service, time of service, source medical records, care provided and other relevant facts pertaining to each record.

Our team can create a timeline to exact specifications. This means if you need a sequence of events arranged minute by minute, day by day or just a general overview, we can process unlimited numbers of pages efficiently and accurately with a 24 hour turn around if necessary. Medical records are uploaded via a secure server and returned in an easy to read format. Each record is hyper linked, allowing the viewer to click immediately to the actual record.

Critical clinical information and key facts are presented using our templates, or customized specifically to your needs. The use of timelines provides a visual view of events.

Keeping in mind the voluminous medical records you receive for every case, it would be an extremely strenuous process to probe into each medical record and identify their relevance in terms of the case. This is where a Chronology would help. After you provide us with a Case focus, our team would create a Medical summary of events known as Chronology. The events are captured in the order of their occurrence thereby giving you a birds-eye view of the medical events that happened up until the point of the patient’s current predicament. At the basic level the Chronology is sorted by Date.

The standard chronology includes:

  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Treating Organization

Our Chronology would benefit you in the following ways:

  • Sequence and Convenience: Track patient’s medical events through our easy-to-read PDF document sorted in two ways – Provider Order or Record Type order
  • Hyperlinked to the Source:  Every record that is summarized comes with its click-through source (original record).
  • Key facts:  Our reviewers highlight key facts in the Chronology that help you better prepare witnesses for Depositions.
  • Missing records:  We inform you of critical missing records.


The Case Screening Spreadsheet or Case Screeners provide you with an aerial view of the case. Though it might give an aerial view, the insights articulate in helping you make the right decision towards accepting or withdrawing a case. From an unbiased view, ALT TAB HealthCare Physicians will help you gauge and analyze the probability factors in a case that has the potential to predict negative cases.


Ensure your file is complete. Missing, redacted, or incomplete records are retrieved quickly and efficiently, and then integrated into the original file. Complex medical procedures are translated into layman’s terms, and handwritten notes are deciphered.


Documents are hyper linked by clicking or hovering over specific elements within a document. The original source, medical record, or document is then instantly available. Customized keyword or phrase searches locate specific subject matter, making finding files much easier.