Litigation Support

As a True end-to-end Litigation Support Solutions Provider, ALT TAB Healthcare Solutions provides extensive document acquisition and management services developed specifically to help Litigation Support Companies, Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments shoulder the increased burden represented by the soaring volume of digital information. Our Offshore Litigation Support division offers fault-proof, technology-oriented solutions deployed in tandem with a scalable, skilled, and highly knowledgeable human-resource pool trained in legal applications. We offer guaranteed cost-effective, and time – efficient workflow solutions using a combination of automated and manual applications. This results in legal data that is readily accessible, searched, sorted, located, distributed, and viewed specifically.

Although the legal world is moving in the digital direction at a blinding pace, paper is still and probably always will be, part of the process. Therefore, in order to offer a true ‘end-to-end’ solution for our clients, we continue to offer our Paper based services. Whether you need to put your hard documents into a digital format or scan them, we have the people and expertise to make it happen.


  • Litigation Coding – Offshore | Domestic
  • Unitization | LDD
  • In-Text Coding
  • Bates Capture | Endorsement | Stamping
  • Indexing | Data Entry
  • Bibliographic Coding
  • Optical Character Recognition ( OCR )
  • Image Conversion
  • Database Design
  • Load File Creation


ALT TAB HealthCare Solutions offers proven solutions and experienced staff to manage complex ESI (electronically stored information) and native file eDiscovery productions. From the receipt of electronic data through to ESI processing, We streamline the eDiscovery lifecycle – increasing throughout speed and efficiency.

Partnering with us would enable you to enhance your in-house Litigation Document Services and eDiscovery services and reduce the costs associated with the production of electronic data – a benefit shared by both you and/or your clients.

Sophisticated Data Management and Culling

We have a proven data analysts have built a reputation as experts in the management of information. During the pre-processing stage, we deploy various best practice methods in data management and culling, which are designed to reduce your data sets. We offer a variety of tools that can be used interchangeably on a case-by-case basis, and a rigorous quality control procedures ensure the accurate production and delivery of your data.

Powerful Processing Environment

We provide an advanced infrastructure and technology backbone to process clients’ discovery data in a fast and efficient manner. Our flexible environment features multi-threaded processing to reduce time and eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Forensic Data Collection
  • Document Hosting | Production
  • Domestic Coding
  • Electronic Discovery Processing
  • Managed Review | Translation
  • Imaging | Reprographics