Medical records review is complex and often a tedious process. From the pile of medical reports, lab results, x-rays and tests, to the last stage of summarization, it requires a well structured strategy. The process demands extensive knowledge in medical terminology related to diagnoses and procedures in addition to a whole lot of time and effort. And this is backed by specialized technology to make it easily accessible.

The review team, which usually consists of highly trained medical documentation specialists as well as medical professionals and paramedics, work collectively to bring out a lucid and crystal clear summarized record. They carry out the review process within the stipulated time, quickly identifying common issues such as missing information, ambiguous data and inconsistencies in the medical records.


  • A review will cover the who, what, when, where, and user defined clinical data parameters from each relevant medical encounter.
  • The presentation is user defined and may include categories, sequencing, abbreviations, and all information presented.
  • The completed review is presented in a chronological order and includes reference to the source document throughout the medical review.

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ALT TAB HealthCare Solutions is established with the sole purpose of being the premier Medical Review and RCM Services Provider within the industry. We offer Cost Effective and High Quality services. This is accomplished through our highly efficient business processes which have been tailored to meet the demanding needs of our Clients. We combine our business processes with a unique methodology which has been specifically customized for your needs. We have a team of highly qualified individuals with substantial experience, who are committed to providing exceptional services. Our success is attributed to our consistent quality, innovative delivery methods and competitive pricing.

Our Company assists with Medical Document Review, Medical Data Management and Revenue Cycle Management needs using a highly efficient Outsourced Service Model.

Our highly trained resources equipped to handle cases in the spheres of Medico Legal Malpractice to a wide variety of Medical Speciality Case Reviews. We cater to Individual Attorneys, Law Firms, IME and Insurance Companies.


  • Increased Profitability
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Reduced Administrative Overheads
  • Expanded Practice Offerings
  • Integrated Delivery
  • Faster Turnaround Times