Business Continuity amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hello Valued Customers and Partners

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created disruptions globally. We at ALT TAB HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS LLC are striving our best to ensure that your day-to-day business operations run flawlessly while our employees are safe.

We have planned that the situation has minimal impact on your teams and business. We would like to apprise you with our readiness for this epidemic and our Business Continuity Plan. We took proactive steps to ensure our employees could work safely and productively from home while maintaining proper compliance parameters.

  • We have  implemented a Work from Home policy from 18th March and most of our functions would continue to function remotely. This was a planned activity with readiness for infrastructure and SOPs. We continue to learn this new method and are confident of little or no impact in our Business as Usual services.
  • We continuously ensure data security and privacy for our remote workers while adhering to all governance and regulatory requirements. For the relatively few team members who must work onsite at hospitals and other essential client locations, we have implemented rigorous hygiene and security protocols
  • We have put hygiene and safety measures in place for the workplace. We have placed multiple hand-sanitizing stations across our offices and have disabled fingerprint based biometric scanning devices to minimize contact through surfaces. This continues to be done until all teams completely move to remote models.
  • Until situations go back to normal, we have limited the number of visitors to our office. Our recruitment team has also replaced in-person interviews with video interviews.
  • In regards to meetings with account managers are concerned, our Sales team will be working from home. We have made a conscious decision to restrict travel and face-to-face meetings, but they will be available to help you over call/Hangouts/Zoom meetings or any other virtual channel of your convenience.